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On December 27, 2006, you will see some changes in our Platinum Online Banking environment. These changes are being made to keep your information even more secure, while ensuring that Platinum Online Banking remains convenient and easy for you to use. We will be adding security layers to our website that will: (1) further validate your identity each time you log in and (2) provide another level of assurance to you that you are accessing our official Platinum Bank website.

When you log in on or after December 27, 2006, we will ask you to select a series of three challenge questions and answers, select a unique image from the image library provided and create a personal description for that unique image that is known only to you. Thereafter, each time you log in to Platinum Online Banking this unique image will appear along with the personal description that you created. The appearance of this image and description will verify to you that you are on the official Platinum Bank website. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE UNIQUE IMAGE YOU SELECTED, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR NEAREST PLATINUM BANK OFFICE BEFORE ENTERING ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

*******Getting started is easy!*******

When you log in on or after December 27, 2006-

Step 1: Go to our official Platinum Bank website-

Step 2: Enter your existing Access ID

Step 3: Select a unique image from the image library provided

Step 4: Create a unique description for the image you selected

Step 5: Select your three challenge questions and answers

Step 6: The final step is the Authentication of your computer. Platinum Bank has the ability to recognize the computer or computers from which you usually log on. You may elect to register your computer at this step. Note: Only register non-public personal computers that you frequently use and that are not available for public use.

Step 7: Select NEXT- you have completed the process! The next time you log in to Platinum Online Banking, Platinum Bank will recognize you and will display the image and description you have selected.

We are committed to keeping your personal financial data safe and secure. We encourage you to contact your nearest Platinum Bank office with any questions or concerns.


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